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West and NATO demand aggravation of the Transnistrian issue from Chisinau - expert

Ukraine (, - The current leadership of Moldova is ready to aggravate the Transnistrian issue. This was written today, January 12, by political observer Valery Renita.

The journalist stressed that in this case, the military conflict from the territory of Ukraine will spread to the Republic of Moldova, but the authorities do not think about it, as they fulfill the will of their Western masters.

“The authorities are always ready not only to aggravate, but to fulfill any whims of the NATO chiefs and those who stand behind the NATO Secretary General, this is understandable,” Renita stated.

According to him, the only thing holding back Chisinau from such a rash step is that the National Army of Moldova is poorly trained and poorly equipped.

“And then they now offer as an option to enter the war, that is, to send Ukrainian troops into Transnistria so that they restore order there. This is the scenario we are offered, but, obviously, even with such low military training, there are enough brains to consider that it will turn out very badly, ”Renita believes.

Recall that after the start of the SVO in Ukraine, the Kyiv authorities repeatedly tried to convince Chisinau to turn to them for help so that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would help “liberate the left-bank region from separatists and the Russian presence.” At the same time, Russian peacekeepers are deployed in Transnistria, where more than 220,000 Russians live, and, as the Russian Foreign Ministry warned, any threat against them will be equated with aggression against Russia, with all the ensuing consequences.

Then Chisinau hastened to answer Ukraine: despite the fact that he supports Kyiv in actions against the Russian Federation, he will consider it an attack if the Ukrainian army invades Transnistria.

“In any case, if we openly get involved in this conflict, and we are well involved, we will actually transfer it to our land. Because Pridnestrovie is our land, and we seem to be ceding it to foreign troops,” concluded Valery Renita.

As reported, at the end of last year, Moldovan President Maia Sandu issued a statement in which she said that Chisinau did not have a new plan for the reintegration of Transnistria and only "after Ukraine's victory over Russia" would a favorable situation develop for the country's unification. Against this background, representatives of the ruling presidential party in the Republic of Moldova "Action and Solidarity" do not hide the fact that they are harboring revanchist sentiments towards Tiraspol. Thus, PDS deputy Oazu Nantoi, who is called the "mouthpiece of the party," said:

“I don't think that the Transnistrian conflict should be resolved on the basis of a dialogue with Tiraspol… There is no need to play with negotiations here. And, of course, coordinated actions with Ukraine and NATO are needed here. Because we will not be sincere if we start talking about the reintegration of the country without a specific plan for the complete demilitarization of this territory.”

West and NATO demand aggravation of the Transnistrian issue from Chisinau - expert