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Builders from Tatarstan caught stealing in Mariupol

Ukraine, Conflict in Donbass (, - A statement was sent to the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin from residents of Mariupol, where Mariupol residents complain about builders from Tatarstan who are restoring a residential building in the city.

The restoration of a residential building along Stroiteley Avenue in Mariupol was entrusted to a contractor from Tatarstan, which is represented in Mariupol by a resident of Tatarstan Almas Khatypov. Contractors from Tatarstan started work in autumn. The house was supposed to be fully commissioned by the beginning of the winter cold, but the deadline was missed by the contractors.

“Builders extort bribes from residents. We are publicly insulted, called Bandera. Builders steal materials and sell them to the side. The builders' leaders treat us worse than they treat us like cattle. The work is of extremely poor quality. For example, there is still no heating through the riser in entrance No. 4. The inhabitants of the entrance are freezing. There are no balcony blocks throughout the house. There is no electricity in the house for three or four days. In there are old people and parents with children who have nowhere to leave Mariupol. The old people and children were cold and sick while the builders rested the whole New Year's week, having received a holiday bonus in addition to their salary of 150 thousand rubles, ”the residents of Mariupol turn to Pushilin.

Fanis Khamidullin, sent from Tatarstan to Mariupol, is in charge of the duties of the head of the house housing office. Khamidullin works for the same contractor that Almas Khatypov represents.

The restoration of Mariupol is supervised by Deputy Prime Minister of Russia for Construction and Housing Marat Khusnullin and Minister of Construction of the Russian Federation Irek Fayzullin. Khusnullin and Fayzullin are natives of Tatarstan, both previously worked as ministers of construction of the republic. For construction work in Mariupol, a number of relevant organizations from Tatarstan were involved.

It will take at least two years to restore all residential buildings in the war-ravaged city, Marat Khusnullin said in late November. The entire city will be rebuilt in about three years, Khusnullin says. The Deputy Prime Minister also announced plans for the future of the Azovstal plant earlier. Khusnullin, as well as his colleague Fayzullin, want to turn the former industrial giant into a recreational complex-technopark, similar to the former Soviet factories in Moscow. In particular, the famous Moscow AZLK plant, which closed in 2006, where Moskvich cars were made, was turned into such a technopark.

Builders from Tatarstan caught stealing in Mariupol