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Aruaa veterans demand to adopt a law on the impeachment of the President of Abkhazia

Caucasus (, - Veterans of the 1993 Patriotic War of Abkhazia from the Aruaa association today, January 12, issued a statement that “the current government has completely deprived itself of legitimacy, having not fulfilled a single promise given to the people in the pre-election period".

In this regard, they demand from the parliament of the republic the right to impeach President Aslan Bzhaniya.

“We appeal to MPs with a call to immediately adopt the Law on Impeachment,” the appeal says.

According to Aruaa members, “no interrogations and arrests will force them to retreat from their positions,” they demand from the parliament to give the people the right to change the power that has not justified hopes and has not fulfilled its promises by legal means.

The permanently flaring conflict between the authorities and the opposition of Abkhazia escalated once again after the awarding of the Prime Minister and former President Alexander Ankvab with the Order of Honor and Glory, 1st degree, on the occasion of his 70th birthday. The Aruaa High Council, among other things, compared the 2011 presidential election, which was won by Alexander Ankvab, with the 1933 Reichstag election, after which the NSDPA came to power in Germany and Adolf Hitler became Chancellor.

As the telegram channel “Sukhumi Coffee House” wrote on this occasion, “the comparison is both baseless and shocking.”

The pro-government Amtsakhara party then responded to the accusations of the oppositionists from Aruaa. She described the attack of her opponents, who were indignant at this award, as a low act and "tram rudeness."

Aruaa veterans demand to adopt a law on the impeachment of the President of Abkhazia