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Slovakia will lose the US Patriot system

USA (, - The USA will withdraw its Patriot SAM battery from Slovakia. This was announced today, January 12, by the press secretary of the Slovak Ministry of Defense, Martina Koval-Kakashchikova.

According to her, the system will be transferred to a base in Germany, where it will undergo maintenance.

“The rotation of personnel and equipment within multinational groups is a standard procedure, as are our soldiers participating in such a mission in Latvia. All these steps are agreed and planned in advance, so of course we are in intensive negotiations with the allies to provide an adequate air defense system that could replace the American Patriot,” she said.

At the same time, the department did not want to specify the exact date for the transfer of the Patriot for security reasons, but we can talk about the next few weeks.

Recall that Slovakia is a member of NATO and has a number of agreements with the United States in the military sphere. Currently, in addition to the American Patriot battery, there are two more German similar systems in the country. Earlier, Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nagy and German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht confirmed that they should remain in Slovakia until at least the end of 2023.

Slovakia will lose the US Patriot system