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Tesla Shanghai plant expansion delayed over security concerns

Asia (, - The expansion of Tesla's electric vehicle plant has been postponed in Shanghai due to security concerns. This was announced today, January 12, TASS reports with reference to Bloomberg.

It was originally scheduled for mid-2023. It was expected that the implementation of this project would increase the annual production of cars to 2 million.

According to the agency, the Chinese authorities have expressed concern about the expansion of the company's presence associated with the Starlink satellite communications system. And while Tesla's electric vehicles aren't equipped with this equipment, there are growing concerns about data security among Chinese authorities.

According to Bloomberg, in 2021, China banned the parking of Tesla electric vehicles in the territories of military housing estates due to concerns about the possible collection of confidential information by cameras built into them.

The Tesla factory in Shanghai opened in 2019. After upgrading last year, the facility is capable of producing 1 million Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles annually.

Tesla Shanghai plant expansion delayed over security concerns