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Stole and hid: Biden can be imprisoned for 10 years. In theory

Ukraine (, - A second package of classified papers has been found in a think tank linked to current US President Joe Biden. The punishment for their negligent possession can be up to 10 years in prison. This was announced today, January 12, by Republican Congressman Paul Gosar to RIA Novosti.

“Joe Biden stole classified documents and secretly hid them in his office when he was vice president, but suddenly the Democrats didn't care. Careless storage of classified documents is a criminal offense punishable by up to 10 years in prison,” Gosar said.

As the congressman assured, the Republicans in Congress "will investigate and make sure that Biden is held accountable for his crimes."

According to the media, the first package of documents found contains intelligence materials and briefings about Ukraine, Iran and the UK, dated 2013-2017. The content of the second package has not yet been disclosed. To accusations of a criminal offense, the American president replies that he does not know anything about the documents, and this is a surprise for him (in the state in which the 80-year-old US president is, everything becomes a surprise. - approx.

As reported, the first package of Biden's secret papers was discovered the day before the congressional elections. However, the American press carefully concealed this fact, which allowed the Democrats to avoid a strong reputational blow and not lose these elections. Republicans are already initiating the creation of a special committee to investigate the actions of the FBI and the US Department of Justice, which together creates a picturesque picture of the selectivity of American justice.

Stole and hid: Biden can be imprisoned for 10 years. In theory