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Sandu missed the chance in Davos to feed the Europeans Moldovan placinta

Moldova (, - In Davos, Moldovan President Maia Sandu missed the chance to promote her "brilliant" economic theory about the "Moldovan Placinta" recently aired on local television. Publicist Dmitry Chubashenko wrote about this today, January 18, noting that speaking at the World Economic Forum, she limited herself to a regular set of phrases.

According to the observer, the head of state voiced the platitudes that have already become prose: “Moldova can maintain democracy only in the EU”, “We must stop Russia” and “The EU needs a stable and prosperous Moldova”.

“Russia expected to blackmail us with gas, but Europe managed to find solutions, which is not easy. Yes, we have to pay for this, and we are sorry that the citizens have paid a very high price. In Moldova, the gas tariff has increased by 7 times, and this is not a country where people have high incomes. However, we believe in democracy and want to be part of the free world,” Sandu said in Davos.

In this regard, Chubashenko ironically remarked that she did not want to promote the Moldavian placinta in the world, as once the Italian emigrants in America made the Italian shepherds' cake famous all over the world - pizza.

“Instead of repeating what everyone is saying in Davos even without her, she could familiarize the WEF participants with her economic theory of a small plinth: “The budget is like a plinth, if the plinth is small, there is not enough money for everyone ...” . There is no doubt that such a presentation would cause a real sensation in Davos. The Moldovan place would immediately be on a par with such mainstream things as an unconditional basic income, a green transition, digitalization and a gender agenda, ”Cubashenko said.

As for the other pathetic slogans voiced by Sandu, the journalist believes that the president should start with something more mundane, and at home. For example, to stop the increased migration due to a catastrophically declining standard of living.

“As for Sandu’s call to ‘stop Russia,’ as a call to the collective West, this is good, but as personal goals, Sandu could start with something more mundane,” Dmitry Chubashenko concluded.

Recall that Maia Sandu received the nickname “Placinda” after she tried to explain the problems in the economy using the example of this Moldovan flatbread made of exhaust dough with filling. The head of state compared the budget of the republic with it, which, no matter what, is still not enough for everyone.

As reported, Maia Sandu represents Moldova at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. It is expected that at the site of this international conference of Western partners (Russia did not receive an invitation), she demonstrates support for anti-Russian rhetoric, under which she asks for another financial assistance, for which she has already been called on Romanian television "an impudent Moldovan beggar."

Sandu missed the chance in Davos to feed the Europeans Moldovan placinta