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US believes China will attack Taiwan by 2027

Asia (, - China before 2027 may attack Taiwan. This was stated in an interview with the Japanese agency Kyodo by the former head of the US Navy Pacific Command, retired Admiral Philip Davidson, reports today, January 23, TASS.

“My assessment of the situation, which I gave in the spring of 2021, remains unchanged to this day,” the former military commander said.

In his opinion, any potential conflict between mainland Taiwan would include massive cyber attacks, powerful rocket bombardments, a blockade of Taiwan, and a potential takeover of the island.

In the spring of 2021, during a hearing in the US Congress, Davidson already stated that Beijing could try to seize control of Taiwan by 2027.

The PLA has been regularly patrolling the waters around the island in recent months. Tensions in the Taiwan Strait escalated after then-Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi paid a visit to Taipei last August. This trip caused extreme discontent in Beijing.

US believes China will attack Taiwan by 2027