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Baku to show Yerevan a list of 100,000 Western Azerbaijanis

Caucasus (, - The process of registering persons from "Western Azerbaijan" continues, the head of the press service of the "Western Azerbaijan" community, Ulviya Zulfigar, told reporters today, January 23.

According to her, today more than 100 thousand people are registered.

“Every day, 250-300 people apply for registration. 100 thousand persons deported in 1988-1991 are registered. Even the descendants of previously deported persons have been registered,” Zulfigar said.

The community of "Western Azerbaijan" issued an appeal earlier this month demanding that the government of Armenia create conditions for the return of Azerbaijanis "expelled from geographical places that are currently considered to be its territory" to their homes as part of an international process and provide them with individual and collective rights upon return there.”

As noted on the pages of, the course for the return of Azerbaijanis to their "historical lands" in the southeastern part of Armenia, in the Syunik region of the neighboring republic, which officials in Baku are increasingly referring to as "Western Azerbaijan", was previously set by President Ilham Aliyev .

Baku to show Yerevan a list of 100,000 Western Azerbaijanis