Swedish PM condemns burning of Koran

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson condemned the scandalous Koran burning in Stockholm, drawing a line between a formally legal and acceptable action.

"Free speech is a fundamental part of democracy. But what is legal is not necessarily acceptable. Burning books that are sacred to many is a deeply disrespectful act. I want to express my sympathy to all Muslims who were offended by what happened in Stockholm," - # he wrote on his twitter account.

Recall, the chairman of the Danish Hard Deal party, Rasmus Paludan, burned the Koran in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm. After the incident, Ankara canceled the planned visit of the head of the Scandinavian Defense Ministry, calling it "meaningless."

In Turkey itself, a similar action was carried out: the Turks burned the flag of Sweden in front of the country's embassy in Ankara.

Swedish PM condemns burning of Koran