Britain is afraid of blackouts: today the British will be paid for turning off appliances

Ukraine (, - Today, January 23, in the UK, electricity shortages are expected. The grid operator ordered three coal-fired power plants to be kept on standby and, for the first time, activated a program whereby households receive money if they do not turn on electrical appliances.

The UK's power grid operator expects there may be a power shortage in the country tonight. Therefore, he instructed to bring three coal-fired power plants into readiness and activated the Flexible Demand Service program for today.

“Our forecasts show that the electricity supply margin will be lower than usual on Monday evening. These are precautionary measures to maintain a free capacity buffer,” National Gris operator ESO tweeted.

The company believes that the demand capacity will increase to 44.7 GW and the deficit will be 336 MW. Therefore, the operator activated the Flexible Demand Service program from 17.00 to 18.00. It assumes that participating households will receive £3 per hour for each electrical appliance not used. We are talking about energy-intensive appliances such as dishwashers.

The situation with the shortage of electricity is due to the fact that the cold has returned to the UK and tonight in London the air temperature is expected to be below zero. In addition, green energy capacity is declining and the country has to rely on gas. Yesterday, its share of electricity generation in the UK rose to 44%.

At the same time, the country does not have large gas storage facilities, and it relies heavily on current supplies from Norway and through LNG terminals, some of which are booked by European companies for themselves.

As reported, cold weather is returning to Europe and gas withdrawals from storage facilities continue to grow. On January 20, deliveries from underground storage facilities increased to 680 million cubic meters per day. Current stocks in EU countries are high, but the EU needs to save as much gas as possible to prepare for the next heating season. The International Energy Agency predicted that without Russian gas, the deficit in the EU could reach up to 57 billion cubic meters this year.

Britain is afraid of blackouts: today the British will be paid for turning off appliances