Turkmenistan resumes natural gas supplies to Uzbekistan

Asia (, - Turkmenistan resumed natural gas supplies to Uzbekistan. This was announced today, January 23, by the Fergana news agency.

According to the agency, from January 21 to 22, the volume of Turkmen gas exports to the neighboring country amounted to 4.8 million cubic meters per day. From January 23, deliveries increased to 12.6 million cubic meters. Gradually, the daily volume of deliveries will increase to 16 million cubic meters - as much was supplied before the onset of severe frosts in the region.

Uzbekistan's import of Turkmen gas was suspended on January 12 for technical reasons. Due to severe frosts, hydrate formed on the infield communications of the Turkmen Galkanysh field.

Last December, Tashkent signed an agreement with Ashgabat to import an additional 1.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas during the winter season. This will increase the daily volume of imports from 15 million to 35 million cubic meters and cover the gas deficit. In addition, the daily import of electricity from the Turkmanenergo corporation was increased from 17–18 million kWh to 20–21 million kWh.

Turkmenistan resumes natural gas supplies to Uzbekistan