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Serbian President Vučić is ready to surrender to the pressure of the irrational West

USA (, - Serbia must accept the so-called Franco-German proposal to resolve relations with Kosovo, otherwise the country's accession to the European Union will be stopped, foreign investment will stop, and other economic and political restrictions are expected, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić on the conditions imposed on Serbia by the West.

The Serbian head of state noted in a televised speech on Monday evening that there is great unrest in Europe due to the changed geopolitical conditions, namely the "war in Ukraine", and - "whatever you call it" - Europe is practically at war, so she can't stand for anyone to contradict her politically. From the EU's point of view, there must be order.

This issue has become relevant because of the military actions in Ukraine, Serbia's refusal to impose sanctions against Russia and the Serbo-Albanian conflicts in Kosovo in the second half of last year, which also led to the fact that the "international community" began to act more decisively. According to Aleksandar Vučić, international envoys no longer want to negotiate and mediate between Serbia and Kosovo, but insist on a solution, and this solution is that even if Serbia does not have to recognize Kosovo's independence, this can no longer be an obstacle to accession Kosovo at the UN.

According to the Serbian president, rational arguments no longer matter, the "international community" only wants to realize its own ideas, it does not listen to anyone, and sweeps aside anyone who stands in its way. “They have their own agenda - the defeat of Russia, and in this agenda everything that interferes will be mercilessly removed. No rational arguments work,” he admitted.

Aleksandar Vucic complained that everyone is talking about an agreement and a compromise, but it seems that one side (i.e. Kosovo) can do whatever it wants and is even rewarded for it - the abolition of the EU visa regime for Kosovars and permission to enter international organization, and the other side (Serbia) is under threat.

The head of state noted that Serbia would definitely like to stay on the European path, so it is ready to accept the conditions imposed on it. However, Pristina does not want to create a community of Serbian municipalities in northern Kosovo, which was agreed in 2013 by the two parties and which would give more autonomy to the Serb minority in Kosovo.

As wrote, earlier Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić made a number of statements that cannot be called otherwise than anti-Russian.

Serbian President Vučić is ready to surrender to the pressure of the irrational West