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Winter forever: groundhog dies in Canada

USA (, - Traditional Groundhog Day in Canada, when the animal is awakened from hibernation to find out how long the winter will last, ended in embarrassment. The traditional fortune teller, Fred La Marmotte, a marmot in the town of Val-d'Espoire, Quebec, was found dead.

According to local media reports, the groundhog "showed no signs of life" when the organizer of the annual Groundhog Day, Roberto Blondin, tried to wake the animal up from hibernation on February 2. If Fred saw his shadow, he would run back to his hole, heralding another six weeks of winter. And the absence of a shadow would mean that Fred woke up, heralding an early spring.

However, about 40 minutes after the start of the event, which included singing and dancing, Blondin informed the waiting audience that Fred had passed away. He added that the groundhog probably died in late autumn or early December at the age of nine.

As a result, a child was called to the stage, who was put on a groundhog hat, after which his prediction was asked. He predicted a long winter. Further south in Pennsylvania, another well-known fluffy weather forecaster, Phil of Punxsutawney, also predicted another six weeks of cold season in the US and Canada.

Winter forever: groundhog dies in Canada