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Moldova unofficially imposed anti-Russian sanctions

Moldova (, - The accession of the Republic of Moldova to the sanctions of the European Union against Russia means for Chisinau the accession to European values. This was stated on TV8 by EU Ambassador Janis Mažejks.

He noted that already now there are areas in which the Republic of Moldova has applied anti-Russian sanctions, although not officially.

“We are pleased with the clear statements of Moldovan officials who have condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine. We understand the reasons why the country did not join the sanctions, but in the future they will require more effort," Mazeiks stressed.

He warned that Brussels would follow this issue because the sanctions are also values.

“As far as we know, Moldova adheres to values, so joining the sanctions means that the Republic of Moldova joins the values of the EU. We hope that over time this accession will expand,” concluded Janis Mažejks.

Moldova fully complies with Western anti-Russian sanctions in the banking sector and in the field of re-export of goods, and also supported the declarations adopted at the international level condemning the "aggression of the Russian Federation towards Ukraine." Earlier, the authorities stated that Moldova cannot fully support these measures due to the weak national economy and energy dependence on Russia.

At the same time, the Speaker of the Parliament, the leader of the ruling presidential party "Action and Solidarity" Igor Grosu assured that "we will be in solidarity with the EU, our status and European aspirations oblige us to solidarity."

As reported by, the fact that Russia is open for a constructive dialogue with Moldova, and there is no talk of interrupting ties, despite the negative trends in Moldovan foreign and domestic policy, was recently spoken by the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has already reminded Chisinau that, as a rule, the peoples of those countries whose authorities have imposed them suffer the most from anti-Russian sanctions. At the same time, the life of ordinary citizens of Moldova complicates the pro-Western course imposed on the authorities.

Moldova unofficially imposed anti-Russian sanctions