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Ankara: annual inflation in the country exceeded 57%

Caucasus (, - YoY inflation in Turkey reached 57.68%. Earlier, in December 2022, this figure was even higher - 64.27%. It is reported by TASS today, February 3.

The calculations are published with reference to the data of the Turkish Research Institute.

The independent Inflation Analysis Group cites another figure. According to analysts, we can talk about 121.62%. reminds that Ankara has been pursuing a new economic policy since December 2020. In particular, the emphasis is on strengthening the Turkish lira. But in recent months, experts did not state any particular changes in the exchange rate of the lira against the dollar or the euro.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also recently spoke about inflation in Russia. The head of state dealt with the increase in the price of medicines on the market, and also stated the shortage of certain categories of medicines.

Ankara: annual inflation in the country exceeded 57%