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Earthquakes in Turkey may last several years

Greater Middle East (, - It is possible that aftershocks from today's earthquake in Turkey will last at least two to three years. This was stated by the chief researcher of the Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS Alexei Zavyalov, commenting on the forecasts of the Turkish geophysicist Ahmet Ercan.

“Yes, it happens that earthquakes, aftershocks, that is, aftershocks, go on for several years. We need to keep an eye on this region. So far, we can only say that the colleague’s statement is either based on his experience, or it is unfounded, ”said Zavyallov.

He recalled that the area where the tragedy occurred has always been seismically active. According to the expert, earthquakes there are expected.

“It’s amazing that a specific earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 or 7.4 happened exactly in Kahramanmarash and at this time,” Zavyalov concluded.

Prior to this, Turkish geophysicist Ahmet Ercan predicted earthquakes in Turkey for two to three years. As reported, already today the Turkish seismological center Kandilli recorded an earthquake of magnitude 4.2 in the southeast of the country.

Earthquakes in Turkey may last several years