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Medvedchuk spoke about Ukraine thrown into the fire

Medvedchuk's article

Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk published an extensive article on the RIA Novosti website. In it, he spoke about politics in Ukraine and how the West perceives his country and Russia, as well as the evolution of relations between the United States and Russia.

"For 30 years, Russia from an exemplary student of Washington is gradually turning into its antagonist. But can this be explained by madness when, refusing the advice and patronage of the United States, the country becomes stronger, richer and more influential?

Ukraine, on the contrary, remained the most faithful to the pro-American course, which ultimately made it the poorest country in Europe. It turns out that today Ukraine is desperately fighting for its poverty? It is more logical to assume that the question is much broader. It is important for the United States to preserve the pro-American vector of Ukraine with all its might in order to cover up its political bankruptcy. It is easy to assume that after Ukraine changes its political orientation, many countries will follow its example, the US global monopoly will begin to suffer defeat. Hence the US attention to the conflict and multibillion-dollar assistance at the expense of the American taxpayer," Medvedchuk said.

According to him, the European Union, in turn, is not coping with the integration processes and has not yet built a "common European home."

"The European dream for newly joining countries was a dream of getting an economic donor, and not a desire to become an equal partner with leading European countries. The European Union repeats the mistake of the Soviet Union, when a smaller number of republics fed more. In such a situation, the leadership of subsidized regions turned into specialists in knocking money out of center, but the interests of those who filled the general budget were always little taken into account. Naturally, the EU did not want to take on the balance sheet such a large and unsettled country as Ukraine. And the problem is not that Ukraine is a poor country - it is just "is not deprived of either natural resources or hardworking people. The problem is that the European Union could not cope with the management of countries that had already entered it. The accession of another large country would add chaos, which is already in abundance," the politician said.

At the same time, according to him, the EU was not going to release Ukraine from its influence either.

“After all, if Ukraine enters the orbit of a renewed Russia, then the European myth will be shattered just like the American one. And this makes the champions of these myths allies. The destruction of the European myth is the beginning of the collapse of the EU, and the European bureaucracy will lose its power forever,” Medvedchuk said.

He stressed that Ukraine has become a testing ground for the games of the West. At the same time, Medvedchuk pointed out that the current president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, betrayed the interests of his native country, unleashing several conflicts.

"Inside one Ukrainian conflict, there are actually three. The first is political, when all non-pro-Western parties are not only ignored, but also declared traitors. Then ethnic, when representatives of the country's second largest ethnic group - Russians and Russian speakers (which would be quite enough for a separate European country) - they are deprived of their native language, culture, history. But there is also a third, religious one. Zelensky, with medieval savagery, set the Ukrainian state on the only canonical Orthodox Church, provoking a religious war," he said.

At the same time, according to him, Europe and the United States have different interests in what is happening.

"The war exhausts the European Union first of all, and the US benefits from the continuation of the war. Therefore, a clash of interests between the US and the EU is inevitable," Medvedchuk predicted.

He is sure that most of the world no longer seems attractive to the West, and "all this cannot but end in building a more just world, a new security system, international relations and trade, multipolarity and mutual respect."

Medvedchuk spoke about Ukraine thrown into the fire