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Sudan has completed the revision of the agreement on the creation of the Russian naval base

The Sudanese authorities have completed the revision of the agreement on the deployment of the Russian naval base in the country, the Associated Press reported on Saturday. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited the country this week.

“They (Russia) dispelled all our fears. The military agreed to the deal, ”the agency quotes the words of one of the Sudanese officials.

According to the agency, the agreement will now await ratification, which requires the implementation of the framework agreement signed in December between the country's military leadership and a number of parties and civil society associations. According to its terms, in the near future a prime minister should be elected from representatives of civil organizations that signed the document. From the moment the head of government is elected, a two-year transitional period is introduced, which should end with a general election. It is indicated that the President of Sudan will also be elected from civilians. He (the president) will become the commander-in-chief of the country's armed forces.

The conclusion of an agreement between the countries regarding the creation of a logistics service center (MTO) of the Russian Navy in Sudan became known in early December 2020. The MTO point of the Navy is supposed to be used for repairs, replenishment of supplies and rest for crew members of Russian warships. According to the document, the maximum number of personnel of the naval post will not exceed 300 people. No more than four Russian ships will be able to stay there at the same time.

In June 2021, the Chief of the General Staff of the Sudanese Armed Forces, Mohammed Osman al-Hussein, reported that Sudan was "in the process of reviewing the agreement signed between the former government of Sudan and Russia on the Russian military project on the Red Sea coast in Sudan."

Last March, the Deputy Chairman of the Supreme (Sovereign) Council of the Republic of Sudan, Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo (Hamidti), said that Khartoum did not object to the deployment of a Russian naval base on the territory of the country, provided that this would not threaten national security.

Sudan has completed the revision of the agreement on the creation of the Russian naval base