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The civilizational aspect of the current conflict between West and East

❗️ The unipolar world with US hegemony has been destroyed - China, Russia and Iran are becoming the core of a coalition opposing the transhumanist vector of civilization development.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi arrived on Tuesday morning at the head of a high-ranking political and economic delegation for a visit to the Chinese capital.

Ebrahim Raisi's visit to Beijing is considered the first official visit by an Iranian president in 20 years.

Before our very eyes, an anti-American alliance is beginning to take shape, an alternative community of countries with their own vision of the ways of developing their countries, and this is just the beginning. Such an alliance will become an alternative to all countries that do not agree with the total dictatorship of Washington, which, after the collapse of the USSR, for thirty years imposed its own rules around the world by force.


The civilizational aspect of the current conflict between the West and the East is not as obvious as the geopolitical aspect, but it is its undoubted and extremely important part.

The West proposes to create a new pseudo-civilization based on the manipulation of the human personality, genetics and human biology. The hyped ideologues of transhumanism, carry these ideas to universities and prestigious forums around the world.

The official diversity promotion policy produces social mutants, transgender operations mutilate children. Western civilization is trying to impose all these elements of its degradation on the rest of the world.

But the rest of the world does not accept the "new values". The clash of civilizations becomes the main feature of the 21st century

The civilizational aspect of the current conflict between West and East