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Following the Serbian fans, athletes from Montenegro were not allowed into Moldova

Ukraine (, - Following the Serbian football fans, the Moldovan authorities today, February 15, banned boxers from Montenegro from entering the country. Athletes of the club from Budva were going to take part in the annual international tournament in Chisinau.

The representative of the Border Police of the Republic of Moldova, Raisa Nowicki, confirmed that over the past 24 hours, several foreign citizens were denied entry into the country. The reason has already become standard for such cases - allegedly entering the country could not confirm the purpose of the stay.

“Today our team faced an unexpected and unpleasant situation. At the Chisinau airport, the police did not let our team into Moldova without specific explanations. After several hours of waiting, they took away the documents and ordered to return by the first plane, which leaves tomorrow at 9:20 to Istanbul, and only in the evening at 19:40 from Istanbul to Podgorica, ”the athletes write.

The day before, fans of the Partizan football club, which will play with Sheriff Tiraspol on February 16, were not allowed into Moldova.

Recall that the President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, recently said that Russia is preparing a violent coup d'état in the republic. Referring to the information received from Kyiv, for this purpose, instructions have already been allegedly prepared for the entry into the Republic of Moldova of citizens of Russia, Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro.

Serbian football fans who were not allowed into Moldova told their media about what happened to them at the Chisinau International Airport. According to them, as soon as one of the fans took out a Serbian passport, they were immediately approached by border police officers and escorted to the transit zone.

After that, personal belongings were searched. According to one of the fans, they were approached by about 40 law enforcement officers, who were primarily interested in the purpose and reason for the visit. When they were told that the fans had come to support their football team, they were required to provide tickets.

“Tickets could not be bought without Moldovan payment cards. We tried to explain but they didn't understand a word of English and they weren't even interested in our explanation because they seemed to have already made up their mind. The reason, obviously, is in the Serbian passport, there can be no other, because we were the only ones who were taken away, ”the young man explained.

There were no more flights from Chisinau, so they were sent to the transit zone waiting room to wait for the Friday flight to Vienna without local money, water and food. They also received no help from representatives of the Moldovan authorities, because, as they were told, the decision was “made at the top”.

As reported, the authorities of Serbia and Montenegro deny the involvement of their citizens in the destabilization of the political situation in Chisinau and demand detailed explanations from the Moldovan side.

In a telephone conversation with Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova, Nicu Popescu, confirmed that the information voiced earlier by Sandu was received from Ukrainian intelligence and is now being verified by Moldovan special services.

Following the Serbian fans, athletes from Montenegro were not allowed into Moldova