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Strange sanctions: the EU has sharply increased the import of Belarusian food

Belarus (, - Food supplies from Belarus to the European Union in 2022 increased by one and a half times. This was announced today, February 15, by Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic Vadim Shagoiko.

According to him, the supply of Belarusian agricultural products and food for export in 2022 reached a record level of $ 8.3 billion, which is almost a quarter more than the previous year. He also noted that the growth in exports was due to both the favorable price environment and the increase in physical volumes for certain types of products.

“The structure of exports has changed. We began to sell more marginal products - sausages, canned food, as well as meat, ”he said.

The Deputy Minister said that exports in 2022 were carried out to more than 100 countries, and the Russian market remained the premium and main market - its share was about 70%. At the same time, he noted that “due to certain actions” (of Western countries —, last year there were some changes in the logistics of supplies.”

“There were hitches, there were changes in logistics routes. Somewhere this led to an increase in the cost of logistics, a decrease in margins, but not critically. At the moment, the work is done,” Shagoiko said, adding that European countries continued to buy Belarusian food in 2022, and compared to 2021, supplies to the EU increased by almost 1.5 times.

Recall that since the end of 2020 Belarus has been under tough sanctions from Western countries. The restrictions affected almost all spheres of the republic's economy. After the start of a special military operation in Ukraine, Western pressure on Minsk intensified, and some anti-Russian sanctions were extended to Belarus.

Strange sanctions: the EU has sharply increased the import of Belarusian food