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European Parliament deputies evacuated due to Turkish separatist protest

Greater Middle East (, - The meeting of the European Parliament in Strasbourg today, February 15, was suspended due to a protest in the gallery above the plenary hall. The protesters demanded the release of Kurdish politician Abdullah Ocalan from a Turkish prison.

Discussions at the EP were disrupted by gallery protesters shouting:

"Free the Survivors!"

We are talking about the leader of the Kurdistan Workers' Party Abdullah Ocalan, who has been serving a life sentence in prison on the Turkish island of Imrali since 1999. According to, European Parliament President Roberta Metsol was escorted out of the room when the meeting was adjourned.

Parliamentary spokesman Emmanuel Foulon specified that Kurdish protesters were dropping leaflets from a public gallery. Some protesters threatened to jump off the gallery and even stood on its edge.

“We have to vote in parliament, but the hall has been evacuated until the police arrive and remove the protesters, some of whom stand precariously on the overhanging railing. This leads to a serious rethinking of security, ”Irish MEP Sean Kelly wrote in a microblog.

Earlier, quoted Stanislav Ivanov, a leading researcher at the Center for International Security of the IMEMO RAS, Candidate of Historical Sciences, that the Kurdistan Workers' Party had stopped armed struggle in Turkey for several years, removing all slogans for the creation of a Kurdish state, and its leader Abdullah Ocalan is in prison and cooperating with the authorities.

European Parliament deputies evacuated due to Turkish separatist protest