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Kaladze: Georgia's European integration will follow Georgian rules

Caucasus (, - Tbilisi Mayor Kakhi Kaladze said that on the path of European integration, the Georgian government will play according to Georgian rules.

This is how a representative of the Georgian leadership reacted to the statement of MEP Andrius Kubilius that the EU "has a clear message for the Georgian Dream - you will not receive the status of an EU candidate if you do not play by our rules."

According to Kaladze, he replies that the statement of the MEP is part of blackmail.

“This is part of the game and blackmail that we have been seeing all this time, and the public sees it too. The Georgian authorities will play by Georgian rules, act in the interests of the country and act in the national interests of the people. Our government has done everything and is doing everything on this difficult path. However, if a political decision is made on their part to refuse the status of a candidate, they will not give us this status, then let them keep it for themselves,” the mayor of Tbilisi said.

Kaladze again said that Georgia is being blackmailed because it does not get involved in a war against Russia.

“This is a staged performance of Mikheil Saakashvili’s “bringing” to Georgia (in the fall of 2021, before the elections, ex-president Saakashvili illegally crossed the border of Georgia and was arrested. - This was done in order to have a confrontation, to carry out a coup d'état. For the so-called friends, the Georgian authorities are unacceptable, because they did not get involved in the war. They do everything in the interests of our country and people,” Kaladze said.

Earlier, Kubilius said that representatives of all political parties agreed on a resolution of the European Parliament to transfer Saakashvili for treatment abroad.

“If Georgian Dream continues the same attitude towards Saakashvili’s situation, it will become obvious that the Georgian government is not implementing the recommendations (the European Commission put forward 12 conditions for Georgia in 2022 to obtain the status of a candidate member of the EU. -, which will affect the European status of Georgia,” Kubilius noted.

According to him, the fifth paragraph of the resolution concerns the position of Mikheil Saakashvili, and, according to him, if the government's position is maintained, this will affect the European status of Georgia.

“We hope that the Georgian government and the ruling party realize what the consequences will be if they do not take into account the resolution of the European Parliament, as well as the position of the European Parliament towards Mikheil Saakashvili. In this case, it will be impossible to obtain the status of a candidate. This will be a message from the European Parliament to the Georgian government, and I call on the Georgian government to take appropriate measuresolve this issue,” the MEP said.

According to him, they "will continue to put pressure" on the Georgian government.

“This is a very clear language of the European Parliament, if they want Georgia to receive the status of the European Union, then they should listen to our opinion and take measures to change this. We know that here we are talking about the rule of law, we know that the issue of human rights, the issue of European values is very acute in Hungary, so Hungary will not be able to receive large financial assistance from the EU, as it wanted. The same applies to Georgia, here we are very clear that you cannot get this status if you do not play by our rules,” Kubilius said.

Kaladze: Georgia's European integration will follow Georgian rules