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Lavrov announced Russia's readiness to cooperate with interested Western politicians

USA (, - It is necessary to cooperate and strengthen ties with citizens of unfriendly states who wish to maintain a dialogue with Russia, said today, February 15, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a government hour in the State Duma.

“I agree that those who wish to maintain ties with us, deepen ties with us, from among the citizens of unfriendly states - and there are many of them in fact - should receive such an opportunity. They need to be invited, to meet with them at other sites, when such transport opportunities arise, although they, of course, have now become very complicated, ”said the head of Russian diplomacy.

“In addition to those who are well known to us from the parliamentary corps, from representatives of European parties, from the European Parliament and who come forward with individual, but very principled assessments, there is a silent majority in addition to them, who also do not like all this,” Lavrov stated.

The minister drew attention to the fact that the ruling circles, the governments of many unfriendly states, were forced to follow bloc solidarity "not at all of their own free will and not of their own accord."

“In NATO and the European Union, cane discipline has been established, and it has been established at the initiative of an aggressive minority, and the majority does not perceive this cane discipline with enthusiasm, but is forced to keep the brand and follow, as it were, in line with the mainstream, which is determined in Europe exclusively by those who are put on by the United States. First of all, these are the Baltic States, Poland, the Czech Republic. Well, the UK, of course, is not disappearing anywhere and is one of the main initiators of subversive activities to stop any contacts with Russia and to spread everyday Russophobia in continental Europe, ”Lavrov emphasized.

“In this situation, [we] have objectively fallen in the volume of public relations in Western countries - they are simply intimidated, it is difficult for them to communicate by purely logistical methods: there is no direct air connection, and much more. For these reasons, we had the bulk [of connections and contacts] last year in Asia, Africa and Latin America, ”said the Russian Foreign Minister, quoted by TASS.

Lavrov announced Russia's readiness to cooperate with interested Western politicians