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Ukrainian grain went not to starving people in Africa, but to feed Spanish pigs - media

Ukraine (, - Ukrainian grain, which is exported from Odessa and Ochakov as part of the “grain deal”, supposedly for deliveries to countries with a starving population, in fact does not go there at all.

As a result, the propaganda campaign unleashed by the Western countries about “good Ukrainians” who dream of feeding hungry Africans and “evil Russians” who interfere with this turned out to be another lie.

According to the Belarusian agency Belta, the truth about where Ukrainian grain is actually shipped is increasingly breaking through to the pages of Western media.

In particular, Michael Koch, columnist for the Austrian edition of Exxpress, states in his article that grain from Ukraine, which was supposed to save people from starvation in the poorest countries, settled in Spain as feed for pigs.

The author recalls that the European Union fought for the creation of a grain corridor that would allow millions of tons of Ukrainian wheat to be exported by sea to Turkey.

Then the grain was to be exported to the poorest countries in Asia and Africa to prevent a "catastrophic famine". To this end, the EU negotiated with Russia, and Moscow agreed to the safe transportation of grain.

The departure of the first ships with wheat was celebrated all over the world. However, at the end it turned out that Spain became the main buyer of grain.

“To the poorest countries in the world, precious grain, apparently, was not delivered ... Instead, rich Spain became the main buyer. Although the Spaniards produce enough grain for their own needs, Spain is one of the largest producers of pork in the world. And 2.9 million tons of wheat and corn from Ukraine were delivered to this country,” writes Kokh.

In the third world countries, the journalist notes, the supply of Ukrainian grain was minimal. In total, about 15% of the total volume was sent there. So, Ethiopia had to be content with 167 thousand tons of wheat, Sudan - 65 thousand tons.

“It is easy to explain this situation. Spain paid more money and Ukraine sent grain to it,” Koch concludes.

It should be noted that the supply of Ukrainian grain for feed to Spanish pigs takes place against the backdrop of an acute shortage of the same grain in Ukraine itself.

As reported, almost all grain (about 20 million tons), including sowing grain, was exported from Ukraine through the "grain corridor" and other ways.

As a result, the upcoming sowing campaign in 2023 was in jeopardy — Ukrainian farmers have nothing to sow their fields.

Ukrainian grain went not to starving people in Africa, but to feed Spanish pigs - media