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Czech Republic to overhaul Ukrainian T-64 tanks

Ukraine (, - The Czech state enterprise VOP CZ, in cooperation with Ukroboronprom, will overhaul T-64 tanks for the Ukrainian army. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic Daniel Blazhkovets.

According to him, the Czech Republic over the past year has been one of the largest suppliers of military assistance to Ukraine, and regular weekly consultations are held between Prague and Kiev.

“We are constantly prioritizing and presenting project proposals. Currently, our efforts are focused on the production of large-caliber ammunition, tanks and howitzers,” he said.

At the same time, Blazhkovets noted that the Czech Republic is consulting on project proposals with other countries, including as part of the supply of more than 90 T-72s, which is coordinated by Prague and co-financed by the United States. According to him, to date, 25 modernized tanks have been delivered to Ukraine.

“We are also preparing to launch the production of an anti-aircraft gun as part of the layered air defense project, which is supported by the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands,” Blazhkovets said.

The representative of the Ministry of Defense also noted that "in addition to direct supplies from army warehouses or from the warehouses of Czech defense enterprises, the Czech Republic also supports Ukraine by concluding contracts for the repair of armored vehicles." In particular, last week the state enterprise VOP CZ signed such a memorandum with the Ukroboronprom concern regarding the overhaul of T-64 tanks and other cooperation.

“Increasing maintenance, repair and overhaul capacity can make a huge difference when it comes to getting repaired equipment back on the battlefield. The big plus is that these modifications will take place on our territory, that is, not far from Ukraine,” he said.

Recall that the Czech Republic condemns the actions of Russia in Ukraine and provides all possible support to Kyiv. Prague has already delivered military equipment and ammunition to the Kyiv regime and has declared its readiness to train Ukrainian soldiers. As Blazhkovets noted, “our goal is to train about 4,000 Ukrainian servicemen by the end of 2023.”

Czech Republic to overhaul Ukrainian T-64 tanks