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The US Navy will expand the use of loitering ammunition and kamikaze drones

Asia (, - The United States is exploring the possibility of expanding the use of loitering munitions and kamikaze drones, US Marine Corps Commander General David Berger told the Japanese business newspaper Nikkei.

In an article published today, February 16, Berger says that ships of the US Navy stationed in the Indo-Pacific region will be equipped with such types of weapons.

“I think that loitering munitions will play a serious role in the future,” he said, stressing that the use of kamikaze drones can help block access by sea to strategically important points for a potential enemy.

He also expressed the opinion that in the coming years, the United States and Japan will study in detail new ways of using such types of weapons.

The American general sharply criticized China's actions, especially emphasizing the unacceptability of the recent incident with balloons in US airspace.

“When one country violates your sovereign airspace or territorial waters and does it constantly, such behavior cannot be called stabilizing the situation,” Berger said.

The general praised the updated national security strategy adopted by the Japanese government at the end of 2022, expressing hope for the comprehensive development of further cooperation between the US Navy and the Japan Self-Defense Forces, TASS quotes.

Recall that two weeks ago, the US military recorded a Chinese balloon over the continental part of their country at an altitude significantly higher than the standard parameters for commercial air travel, it did not pose a threat to people on the ground. On February 4, this balloon was shot down by a fighter missile within US airspace over the Atlantic. With the help of this device, according to the US administration, China was collecting intelligence information. In connection with the incident, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken postponed a visit to China.

According to a representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, this balloon was used for meteorological observations, it deviated from the set course. Beijing expressed regret that the abnormal situation led to the appearance of the probe in US airspace, and expressed its willingness to maintain contact with US authorities to resolve the situation.

The US Navy will expand the use of loitering ammunition and kamikaze drones