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Lukashenka set a condition for the normalization of relations with the West

Ukraine (, - Belarus wants normal relations with the West. Alexander Lukashenko stated this today, on February 16, at a meeting with representatives of foreign and Belarusian media.

“The fact that you in the West think that there is a dictatorship here is a plus for me. Soon you yourself will call the dictatorship. You have it, only unfair, twisted, stupid, stupid. You have never departed from it: not in America... But in the West, there is complete laxity: there is neither dictatorship, nor democracy - there is nothing. We in Belarus make decisions on certain issues and solve certain problems. Yes, I have to either intervene or make most of the decisions. If you consider this a dictatorship, God be with you. I believe that this is not a dictatorship. There is no dictatorship here,” Lukashenka said, speaking about how he feels about the fact that the Belarusian state system is called a dictatorship in the West, and he himself is called a dictator.

According to him, "we did not plunder the country, we did not plunder it."

“I don’t have billions in your bank accounts (though you say yes, I tell you: take it away). There are probably many disadvantages. This is our country, we live in it, we do not create problems for anyone. We are not at war and we are not going to fight. Therefore, I don't care what you say about me as a person and a "dictator". But I care what you say about my country. And I want us to have a normal relationship. There is only one condition on my part: do not meddle in our garden. We'll figure it out on our own somehow. You help us. Then there won't be any "political prisoners" and we won't have any other problems. You create them. You wanted to turn the country over in 2020, but we didn’t let you, including me. Therefore, do not interfere with our lives, and we will be good partners for you. We are ready to do everything that does not contradict our interests and the interests of our allies. If you do not bend us over the knee, we will quickly come to an agreement,” the Belarusian leader stressed.

In addition, Lukashenka pointed to the involvement of European countries in the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine by increasing the supply of weapons.

“Why are you supporting Ukraine, stuffing them with weapons, and do not want to sit down at the negotiating table, as I suggest? You are already discussing the issue of supplying long-range weapons (up to 300 km, missiles) and F-16 fighters, the most modern ones, after hundreds of Leopard tanks went there. Why are you doing it? You understand that this is an escalation,” the President of Belarus said.

Recall that Western countries have been imposing tough sanctions against Belarus since the end of 2020. In addition, the EU and the US do not recognize Lukashenka as a legitimate head of state and support the Belarusian opposition. Minsk has repeatedly called on Western countries to abandon their hostile policies and sit down at the negotiating table.

Lukashenka set a condition for the normalization of relations with the West