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Lukashenko and Putin spoke about the integration process

Belarus (, - Belarus fulfills 100% of the agreements with Russia in the field of defense and security. This was announced today, on February 17, by Alexander Lukashenko at the talks with Vladimir Putin.

“Everything that we agreed on ... three months ago on defense and security, the Belarusian side fulfilled 100% last year. And they even did more…,” he said and promised that later at the meeting he would specifically dwell on what “is being done in this regard.”

According to him, there is movement in the microelectronics industry as well.

“We were worried with you that we were really very tied to imports somewhere. In a week, I have just a meeting in the vein that we talked about in Sochi with you. We have preserved the microelectronic industry - what was in the Union, as you said. We agreed with the Russians - those companies that also remained from the Union. And today, experts say: "Don't worry, tell Vladimir Vladimirovich, we will do everything necessary." Well, the dimensions will be slightly larger, but in the near future… We know where to go and what to do. It is most important. People understand,” Lukashenka stressed.

The Belarusian leader also said that 28 allied programs have been completed by 80%, and Moscow have made progress in import substitution, although they have not yet resolved all issues. At the same time, he noted that in Belarus they are ready, with a little support from Russia, to go even to the production of the MiG-25.

“Belarusians make up to a thousand components for the MC21 Sushoi Superjet. And, as I was informed by the government, they are ready to enter the production of the MiG-25 aircraft, which, in my opinion, showed itself well in Ukraine ... Attack aircraft, a workhorse. We are ready to produce even in Belarus with the appropriate small support from the Russian Federation,” the Belarusian leader said.

In addition, Lukashenka said that the "peace-loving" countries failed to squeeze Belarussia, so that the best minds would escape from there.

“The ambassador reported to me on the way, I was pleasantly surprised that your companies ordered a product from our IT specialists for more than $300 million. They paid more than $ 300 million. Everyone shouted: “Here, they fled from Belarus, left for Russia and so on ...” Only they ordered from Belarussia for 300 million and paid. And if you take Russian IT specialists, there are several billion dollars. So even here the "peace-loving" countries failed to squeeze us so hard that the best minds, as they said, fled our countries. This means that import substitution is still moving forward,” he said.

In turn, Vladimir Putin noted that Belarussia are expanding opportunities for cooperation.

“As we agreed, we will devote most of our time to preparing the meeting in an expanded format. We will talk, as usual, on the entire spectrum of our relations. The basis of everything is the economy. Trade turnover is growing, it reached a record level last year. What is most important and what makes me very happy is that the opportunities for cooperation are expanding, primarily industrial cooperation,” the Russian leader emphasized and added that he watched Lukashenka’s press conference on February 16 and shares his positions and approaches.

Recall that today in Novo-Ogaryovo there is a regular meeting of the presidents of Russia and Belarus. The parties plan to discuss a broad agenda of bilateral relations. We will also discuss preparations for a meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Union State.

Lukashenko and Putin spoke about the integration process