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Armenian tax officials conducted an operation in a supermarket chain

Caucasus (, - Tax evasion was recorded in a large supermarket chain in Yerevan, the press service of the State Revenue Committee (SRC) of Armenia reports today, February 20.

According to the tax and customs authorities of the republic, Nor Zovk LLC (operates the Zovk and Nor Zovk supermarkets), at the direction of the company's management, interfered with the program that manages the issuance of cash receipts. As a result, cash registers knock out checks with all the details, but the data on sales are transmitted to the servers of the tax service with an underestimation, the State Revenue Committee explained.

It is not specified how much the damage caused to the state is estimated.

In the second half of October 2022, operatives of the State Revenue Committee and the National Security Service of the republic carried out a number of control purchases in the capital's stores. In 24 cases out of 35, the data from the checks were submitted to the tax authorities understated, and in three cases they were not issued at all (instead, sales receipts were knocked out, which do not record the turnover).

Earlier this Monday, the Armenian media reported on large-scale checks being carried out at the Zovk supermarket chain, as well as at a number of other commercial enterprises in Yerevan, to detect tax evasion.

Armenian tax officials conducted an operation in a supermarket chain