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All the scandals of German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock

Perhaps, on the third day, everyone managed to laugh it off about the blunder of the head of the German Foreign Ministry, who said that Vladimir Putin should “turn 360 degrees” on the issue of Ukraine.

Obviously, Annalena Baerbock had in mind a turn in the opposite direction, but the geometry lessons for the 6th grade teach us otherwise. In two years as head of the Foreign Ministry, this is far from the first scandal of the most odious German politician.

--- Tongue not holding by teeth ---

Baerbock is often pitied for what she has said in public. She made her most scandalous blunder, which influenced the entire world politics, quite recently - on January 24, 2023. At a PACE meeting in Strasbourg, the head of the German Foreign Ministry said that European countries "wage war with Russia." Chancellor Scholz personally had to refute Baerbock, who stressed that Berlin "will not allow such a conflict." The deputies of the Bundestag even called for the dismissal of Annalena from her post.

According to the German publication Bild, Olaf Scholz's administration closely monitors the mistakes of the Foreign Minister and, despite the lack of public criticism, fixes all the reasons for discontent.

Still, experts say that Baerbock's blunders can be used to send a message that other politicians can't say for themselves.

“I liked the way Baerbock qualified Dmitry Medvedev. He called her a "useful fool". Without hesitation, she takes on all anti-Russian adventures and at the same time does not know how to keep her mouth shut,” political analyst Vladimir Olenchenko said in a comment to Aif. “This type of politician in the military sphere has become popular in Europe. As a rule, these are women who very loudly replicate the American agenda and are very manageable.”

--- 135 thousand euros for appearance ---

In early February, the expenses of German officials to maintain their appearance became known. Local taxpayers were very surprised when they read a special report from the German government, which was requested by MPs from the Alternative for Germany party.

According to the document, Annalena Baerbock's appearance costs the most to the German budget. The amount spent by the Foreign Minister on stylists in 2021 exceeded 135,000 euros. It is noted that a personal make-up artist helps to take care of Baerbock. Only his services cost 7,500 euros a month. The master's name is Claude Frommin. There are many celebrities on his client list, except for Baerbock, with whom Fromman has been working since 2018.

“Even when Annalena Baerbock exits the government airliner after a nine-hour flight, her hair is perfect, her face looks fresh, slightly pink, and there are no signs of fatigue,” says Bild columnist Nadia Aswad.

German readers are wondering if even the perfect job of a make-up artist can be worth that kind of money if he does not provide additional services.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who ranks second in terms of costs for stylists, spends three times less - 40,000 euros per year.

--- I didn't pay attention to the voters ---

Last September Baerbock was called to resign over another incautious remark. At a public event in Prague, she made it clear that she was not interested in the opinion of German voters.

“If I promised the people of Ukraine that “we will be with you as long as you need,” I want to keep this promise. No matter what my German voters think, I want to keep my promise to the people of Ukraine,” Baerbock said.

After that, the Twitter hashtag "Retired Baerbock" (#BaerbockRuecktritt) became the most popular in Germany for a while.

--- Took money for coronavirus ---

Last year, Baerbock was at the center of a scandal along with associates in the leadership of the Green Party, who in 2020 illegally issued themselves "coronavirus bonuses" in the amount of 1,500 euros each.

Annalena Baerbock, Economy and Climate Minister Robert Habeck and other prominent party members justified the cost of equipping home offices due to quarantine and renovations at the party headquarters.

At the same time, internal regulations limited such funds to the amount of 300 euros.

The reason for the investigation was, according to Spiegel, "complaints from private individuals", who drew attention to data from the media, according to which the top of the Greens gave a bonus of one and a half thousand euros to themselves from the party treasury.

For such violations, German laws provide for a fine or even punishment of up to five years, but the deputies took advantage of their immunity and began to cooperate with the investigation.

--- "Crappy" bio fix ---

In 2021, when the leader of the Greens party was a candidate for chancellor of Germany, she was convicted of numerous biography corrections.The Welt publication found that Baerbock published false information in her biography about membership in international organizations, such as the UN Refugee Fund and the German Marshall Fund of the United States (included in the List of Undesirable Organizations whose activities are prohibited in Russia). That's not all - Baerbock referred to herself as a "fellow" at the British Institute for Comparative and Public International Law before it became known that she had only completed an internship at this educational institution. When asked by DPA news agency about rewriting the past, Baerbock admitted: "It was shitty ("Das war Mist")."

--- Presentation in a leopard costume ---

Baerbock recently received the playful Order Against Brutal Seriousness, which is awarded annually to German politicians for their sense of humor and closeness to the people.

During the presentation, the Foreign Minister admitted that before the ceremony she was asked not to joke about Chancellor Olaf Scholz. She also said that she was advised not to say too much and avoid reservations.

According to Baerbock, she could go even further. The official noted that she planned to come to the ceremony in a leopard costume, thereby beating the topic of transferring German Leopard 2 tanks to Kyiv, but was afraid that she would no longer be issued travel permits. Whether this was a joke, given the behavior of the flamboyant Annalena, it is difficult to say with certainty.

All the scandals of German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock