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Power plants shut down in South Africa

Unprecedented power outages have rolled across South Africa, which can reach 12 hours a day. The operator is forced to turn off power plants due to accidents.

A few days ago, South African power plant operator Eskom announced the transition of the country's power system to level 6 load shedding. Since Sunday, the company has taken out of operation due to accidents power units at five power plants with a total capacity of 21 GW. Since then, the situation has worsened.

Yesterday's evening peak demand demanded 30 GW of power, but Eskom was only able to provide 23 GW, operator spokesman Sikonati Mantshantsha tweeted.

The South African edition of Businesstech reports that power outages can reach 12 hours a day, and the loss of the country - $ 50 million a day. The operator is forced to turn off the industry in order to reduce blackouts for the population.

So far, South Africa has been saved by warm weather, but Eskom is already actively urging the population to refuse dryers and wash in the shower, not in the bath.

South Africa has been experiencing power outages for 15 years, according to Businesstech, but this year has seen power outages on a daily basis.

Eskom also reports an increase in the theft of materials and equipment from the country's energy infrastructure, which further worsens the situation. For example, today in South Africa, a power line pole fell and one of the gold mines stopped working. Under the ground was a whole shift of miners. Eskom said that the support collapsed, as unknown people stole some of its fragments and dug up the foundation.

Power plants shut down in South Africa