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Europe will never be able to refuse gas from Russia - energy expert

Russia (, - Europe will never be able to refuse Russian gas, despite US pressure. This was stated in an interview with Pravda.Ru by a professor at the Russian University of Oil and Gas. Gubkina, Valery Bessel, Executive Vice President of NewTech Services.

The European Union is in no hurry to enter into long-term contracts with the United States for the supply of LNG, for the reason that Russia is not only the largest gas supplier, but also the leader in blue fuel reserves in the world.

“The fact is that the largest gas reserves that can allow you to provide supplies for 30-40 years are the first - Russia, the second - Iran, which is under sanctions, the third - Qatar and the fourth - Turkmenistan, which is all focused on the Chinese market. Bessel explained.

For a normal gas supply to the European continent, Washington simply may not have enough resources, which the EU is well aware of.

“If we consider that Europe has always consumed the most gas, more than 660 billion cubic meters a year, then, of course, we have no competitors, and Europe understands this very well,” the professor believes.

It is likely that when the Ukrainian crisis passes and US pressure eases, Europe will still “return to sanity,” Bessel concluded.

Europe will never be able to refuse gas from Russia - energy expert