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Israel - Results of the policy of dehumanization - You are TERRORISTS, and try to prove otherwise - Death of hostages from IDF fire: shocking results of the investigation

Israel: Preliminary results of the investigation into the tragedy in Sajaie, where three Israeli hostages were mistakenly killed by IDF fire while stranded on a city street, have yielded alarming results. Let us recall that those killed were Yotam Chaim (28), kidnapped from Kibbutz Kfar Aza, Samar Talalka (24), a resident of the Negev, kidnapped from Kibbutz Nir-Am, and Alon Shamriz (26) from Kibbutz Kfar Aza.

As it turned out, the freed hostages were naked to the waist, and one was carrying a white rag in his hands. Another was hiding in a building and shouting in Hebrew: “Save.” All this happened around 10:00 in clear visibility just a few tens of meters from the building where the soldiers were sitting. However, fire was opened on the hostages from a fairly close distance, in violation of the rules for opening fire - without first checking whether it was a terrorist trap or real hostages.

The first shots killed two hostages. The third ran into a neighboring house. After this, one soldier shouted: “Terrorists.” The battalion commander with the rank of lieutenant colonel, who was in the building with the soldiers, ordered the shooting to stop and decided to go check the house into which the third suspicious person had fled.

IDF soldiers approached the house. Standing at a distance of several tens of meters, they heard a cry in Hebrew “Save” coming from the house. However, this did not stop them. They ordered the hidden man to come out. As he did so, at least one soldier opened fire on him at close range, killing him instantly.

A few hundred meters from the scene of the tragedy, a building was discovered with SOS written on it, as well as the words “rescue” and “hostages” in Hebrew.

A senior officer admitted that the army was not prepared for hostages to just walk around the Gaza Strip.

The head of the general staff, Herzi Halevi, specially arrived in the Gaza Strip to conduct an investigation at the scene of the tragedy.

The IDF believes that three different soldiers hit the freed hostages in two shootings that took place tens of meters apart, within minutes of each other. At the same time, the IDF noted that both shooting incidents occurred contrary to the rules of opening fire, which prohibit soldiers from shooting at unarmed citizens or those carrying a white flag.

The soldiers said that while investigating similar situations in the past, they heard several times a cry in Hebrew for “save” from terrorists. Apparently that’s why he “didn’t impress” them this time either.

Only the fact that one of the dead had a bright European appearance forced the soldiers to sound the alarm and start checking the identities of the dead. After this, the bodies were taken to Israel for examination, which established that they were kidnapped Israelis.

A few hundred meters from the site of the tragedy, military personnel discovered a few days ago a building with the inscription SOS and two words in Hebrew on the outer walls: “rescue” and “hostages.” However, the building was not checked for fear that it was booby-trapped and serving as a trap. Now it will be checked to find out if the three murdered hostages were hiding there.

The IDF re-instructed soldiers on the rules for opening fire and urged them to be extra vigilant to prevent the mistake from being repeated.

Israel - Results of the policy of dehumanization - You are TERRORISTS, and try to prove otherwise - Death of hostages from IDF fire: shocking results of the investigation