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Benny Gantz: “Instead of solving strategic issues, the cabinet is busy with politics”

Israel - Member of the military cabinet and leader of the Statist Party, Benny Gantz, harshly criticized members of the military-political cabinet for attacks on Chief of the General Staff Herzi Alevi. Last night at a cabinet meeting, Miri Regev, Ben-Gvir and Smotrich attacked the chief of general staff for creating an army commission to investigate the IDF failures on October 7, arguing that “now is not the time for investigations.” However, the army thinks differently.

“Yesterday we witnessed attacks for political reasons in the midst of war,” Benny Gantz said on Friday. “I participated in many cabinet meetings, but such behavior has never happened before and cannot be allowed to happen.”

“We are fighting the most difficult war in our history on several fronts. And we must behave like a fist. It is good that the Chief of the General Staff was able to take responsibility for the events of October 7 and is creating a commission that will draw operational lessons during hostilities - this duty,” Gantz said.

He added that “the political leadership also needs to ask itself questions.”

“Cabinet was supposed to consider yesterday actions of a strategic nature that will affect the continuation of the war and our security in the future. This did not happen, and the Prime Minister is to blame for this. He has the responsibility to correct the situation and choose between unity and security and politics. If unity and security are more important now, we must discuss things that are important for the continuation of the operation."

“There is no doubt that after the war a state commission of inquiry will be created that will find out everything at all levels, but then we will be talking about an investigation at the national, not the operational level,” Gantz said.

However, any repetition of the phrase “commission of inquiry” causes a nervous tic among Likud ministers and partners in the old coalition. Therefore, they react even to an internal army investigation as if they were touching an old wound.

Likud tried to justify itself: “The purpose of the military-political cabinet is to ask questions and receive answers. This is not politics. In times of war, when the people are united, Gantz is expected to behave responsibly. He must stop looking for excuses to leave the government of national unity until the end of the war."

Benny Gantz: “Instead of solving strategic issues, the cabinet is busy with politics”