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The Novatek complex in Ust-Luga was extinguished - oil shipments resumed in the afternoon

Russia (, - In Ust-Luga, a fire was extinguished at the Novatek complex for processing stable gas condensate. The media reported that the emergency (emergency incident) occurred due to an attack by a Ukrainian Armed Forces drone.

“The fire has been completely extinguished. The fire extinguishing work at the Novatek terminal has been completed,” Yuri Zapalatsky, head of the administration of the Kingisepp district of the Leningrad region, wrote in the telegram channel.

On the night of January 21, a fire occurred at the Novatek complex in Ust-Luga. It covered a tank and a pump for transferring liquefied natural gas.

“According to preliminary information, the fire was the result of an external influence. There were no injuries, no threat to human life or health. Currently, the fire has been localized, and specialists from the enterprise, emergency response services and the Ministry of Emergency Situations are monitoring the residual burnout of hydrocarbons,” Novatek reported.

According to 47news, the Novatek complex was attacked by drones of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: “The air defense forces of the Russian Ministry of Defense reported to all relevant authorities about the appearance of two unmanned aerial vehicles flying towards St. Petersburg. At about three o'clock in the morning, the drones changed their route and headed towards the Kingisepp district of the Leningrad region. Approximately along the Luga River. At about 03:20 they attacked the Novatek terminal.

“Everything that could be poured in according to the technology was poured in, waiting for the remainder to burn out. The most important thing is that the fire has been localized and there are no casualties,” the publication reported, citing officials.

Later in the evening, the government of the Leningrad region announced an order to shoot down drones in the territory of critical infrastructure.

“In all districts of the Leningrad region, a high alert regime has been declared at critical infrastructure facilities. Security units and law enforcement agencies received orders to destroy UAVs if they were detected in adjacent territories,” the regional government said in a statement.

The Novatek complex processes condensate into naphtha, jet fuel, diesel fraction, and fuel oil for export. In 2022, the plant produced 4.2 million tons of naphtha, 1.05 million tons of kerosene, 1.5 million tons of diesel fuel and 78 thousand tons of fuel oil.

Let us remind you that the Novatek complex is located near the oil terminal in Ust-Luga. Due to the fire at the terminal, oil shipments for export also stopped. It resumed this afternoon when three tankers approached the pier at once.

The Novatek complex in Ust-Luga was extinguished - oil shipments resumed in the afternoon