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Belarus explained its desire to cooperate with African countries

Belarus (, - Africa is undergoing a rethinking of reality and a gradual departure from Western influence. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergei Aleynik.

“They are also learning from the pressure from many Western countries. This largely determines their rethinking and reorientation of cooperation towards countries that are close to them in spirit,” he said and added that it is too early to say that the West has retreated from African countries and is not seeking to use resources while continuing economic exploitation.

According to him, Belarus seeks cooperation with African countries, and not only with those where the republic has embassies. In particular, he spoke about the negotiations held with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mozambique, during which an agreement was reached on specific vectors of cooperation. In the near future, it is planned to hold a meeting of the intergovernmental commission, as well as organize visits at the level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to prepare high-level visits.

In addition, Aleinik said that agriculture and healthcare are the main promising areas of cooperation between Belarus and the African continent. According to the head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, all African countries are interested in ensuring sustainable agricultural development and food security for their population.

“...And, of course, technologies, competencies, the volume of agricultural engineering produced by Belarus, as well as fertilizers that are in demand,” Aleynik said, noting that all these are components of multifaceted cooperation between Belarus and African countries in the agricultural sector.

He cited Zimbabwe as an example, where Minsk successfully implemented two stages of an agricultural mechanization program. In turn, this allowed the African country to achieve complete self-sufficiency in wheat production, and by the end of 2023, the country began exporting wheat for the first time in history. Aleynik named cooperation in the field of healthcare as another important vector. In particular, Belarus is actively involved in a project to organize the management of a hospital in Equatorial Guinea. At the same time, the minister emphasized that healthcare cooperation with this country is much broader, which is reflected in the road map signed by the heads of the two states during the official visit of the President of Belarus to this country. Also, projects in the healthcare sector are being implemented by the republic with Zimbabwe, and other countries of the African continent are also showing interest.

Let us remind you that Belarus is under severe Western pressure. In this regard, Minsk decided to develop relations with friendly countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In particular, in December 2023, Alexander Lukashenko visited Equatorial Guinea and Kenya, where he held negotiations with his colleagues.

Belarus explained its desire to cooperate with African countries