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Belarus does not disclose the mechanism for making decisions on the use of nuclear weapons

Belarus (, - The new Military Doctrine of Belarus will not spell out a mechanism for making a decision on the use of Russian nuclear weapons stationed in the republic. This was stated on January 21 by the head of the information and analytical department of the General Staff of the country's Armed Forces, Artem Butorin.

“In the Military Doctrine, we convey to the international community our attitude that the appearance of nuclear weapons on our territory is a forced measure and this is a measure of strategic deterrence,” he said.

According to him, nuclear weapons are aimed at preventing conflicts, and not at using them to achieve some “aggressive” goals that opponents are trying to attribute to Belarus.

At the same time, the representative of the General Staff emphasized that the procedure for using nuclear weapons is not the subject of the Military Doctrine, but only reinforces the general attitude towards nuclear weapons.

“The procedure for application is the subject of subordinate, statutory documents, military planning documents. But they are of a stamped character. You will not find such documents in the public domain in any state,” Butorin noted.

Let us recall that the decision to deploy Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus became known in the spring of 2023. The first nuclear charges were delivered to the republic in the summer. As noted earlier in Minsk, it will not be necessary to use nuclear weapons located in Belarus in practice, but their presence in the country is completely justified - this was done in response to the unfriendly actions of the West and to increase the defense capability of the Union State.

Belarus does not disclose the mechanism for making decisions on the use of nuclear weapons