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Citizens of Kazakhstan have their passports taken away in Niger

Asia (, - Two citizens of Kazakhstan were detained in Niger and their passports were taken away. This was announced by the official representative of the Kazakh Foreign Ministry Aibek Smadiyarov, Kazinform news agency reported.

“After receiving information about the detention of our citizens in the city of Niamey - the capital of Niger - from January 9 to 12, the consul of Kazakhstan in Egypt visited the capital of Niger and held meetings with representatives of the ministries of foreign and internal affairs, as well as with the leadership of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of this country, - said Smadiyarov.

He added that in connection with the military coup that took place in the African country in July 2023, there are some problems in interaction with its government agencies.

“Our diplomats sent an official request to the relevant authorities of Niger, and within their competence they are taking all possible measures to return compatriots to Kazakhstan. Our citizens are not arrested or restricted in movement. Both live in a hotel; local soldiers took their passports. We are making every effort to resolve this issue,” concluded Smadiyarov.

Citizens of Kazakhstan have their passports taken away in Niger