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The Transnistrian issue will be an annex to the peace formula for Ukraine

Moldova (, - The issue of the Transnistrian settlement can be resolved in the next two years. This opinion was expressed by political scientist, former deputy of the Supreme Council of the PMR (Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic) Anatoly Dirun.

According to him, this point of view has its own logic. It lies in the fact that within several years Russia and Ukraine will have to sign a peace formula to end hostilities, and depending on where the line of military contact lies, the fate of Transnistria will proportionally depend.

“If the line of contact runs from the point of view of the collective West in an unfavorable configuration for Tiraspol, then Tiraspol will definitely be included as point number one or number two, or as appendix one, in the peace treaty that will be drawn up, in the peace formula that will be developed and turn on in Ukraine. That is, everything that will be developed in Ukraine will include Tiraspol,” believes Dirun.

He added that if, for example, the Russian Federation were to withdraw its troops from the territory of Ukraine, then, accordingly, in Appendix No. 1 the decision would be imposed that the Russian Federation was obliged to withdraw its troops from the territory of the Transnistrian region.

“Russia will have to leave all weapons there. For example, in appendix number two on Transnistria it will be indicated that the military warehouse of Russian weapons in Kolbasna should be transferred to the national army of Moldova, or another option, and so on. Now the fate of Pridnestrovie in such a broad regional context will, of course, be linked to the end of the situation of the scenario in which the war on the territory of Ukraine will end,” concluded Anatoly Dirun.

Let us recall that the other day Dirun, commenting on the new Customs Code adopted by Chisinau, obliging economic agents from Transnistria to pay taxes to the budget of the Republic of Moldova, said that “someone persistently asked the Moldovan authorities to put pressure on the region.” According to him, when this law was adopted, “there was a breakdown in communication between Chisinau and Tiraspol.” To resolve this problem, Dirun suggested contacting the US Embassy for mediation services.

The Transnistrian issue will be an annex to the peace formula for Ukraine