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“Israel cannot build peace through military means alone” - Josep Borrell

Greater Middle East (, - EU Head of Diplomacy Josep Borrell stressed the need to develop a two-state solution for Gaza to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. He said Israel could not build peace “through military means alone,” the Jordanian newspaper Rai Alyoum reported.

EU foreign ministers are due to hold separate meetings with their counterparts from Israel, the Palestinian Authority and key Arab states in Brussels today, January 22.

Borrell recalled that the UN condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's "unacceptable" rejection of calls for the creation of a Palestinian state after the Gaza war.

“What we want is to develop a two-state solution,” Barrel said. "So let's talk about it." “Peace and stability cannot be built only through military means,” he emphasized. “What other solutions are they thinking of, forcing all the Palestinians to leave, killing them.”

As ongoing violence in Gaza complicates the search for peace, EU officials stress that the time has come to finally talk about a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Borrell stressed that he offered EU ministers a “comprehensive approach” to achieving a sustainable solution to the conflict.

The European Union, as highlighted in Rai Alyoum, is working hard to reach a common position on the Gaza conflict. At the same time, Israel's most prominent supporters, such as Germany, rejected offers from other European countries, such as Spain and Ireland, for an immediate ceasefire.

EU officials have laid out their conditions for "the day after" the end of the Gaza war, based on rejection of any long-term Israeli occupation and calling for an end to Hamas rule. There is talk in Brussels of allowing the Palestinian Authority to play a role in managing the sector.

“Israel cannot build peace through military means alone” - Josep Borrell