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Almost 60% of Italians are against arms supplies to Ukraine

Ukraine (, - At least 57% of Italians do not share the decision to continue arms supplies to Ukraine. This is evidenced by a public opinion poll, the results of which are cited by the La Repubblica newspaper, noting that the level of support among the population for arms supplies to Kyiv is the lowest in the last two years (42%).

The publication also recalls that in the spring of 2022 this figure exceeded 50%. It is noted that the highest level of support for supplying Kyiv with weapons - 56% - is among voters of the Democratic Party, which is now in opposition, TASS quotes. While among the voters of the parties of the ruling coalition - Brothers of Italy, Forward Italy, League - the number supporting the direction of arms is less than 50%: 45%, 45% and 48%, respectively. This option enjoys the least support (less than a third of voters) among supporters of the 5 Star Movement. Its leader, former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, has long been opposed to arms supplies, proposing relevant resolutions in parliament.

The survey was conducted from December 4 to December 7 using a mixed method, taking into account the age and political preferences of respondents. The results are based on a survey of 1,298 people. The level of representativeness of the sample is 95%, the error of the results is +/- 2.4%, according to the description of the survey conducted by order of the University of Urbino for the next report “Italians and the State”.

Earlier, the Italian government, led by Giorgia Meloni, decided to extend the provision of assistance, including military assistance, to Ukraine until the end of this year. Recently, the eighth supply package was formed, the list of which is classified.

The Russian side has repeatedly pointed out that supplying Ukraine with Western weapons makes its suppliers actual participants in the conflict.

Almost 60% of Italians are against arms supplies to Ukraine