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Germany extends refugee benefits for Israelis

The German Interior Ministry announced today that Israeli citizens living in the country will receive automatic visa extensions until April 26 without having to contact the Interior Ministry with requests for visa extensions. Germany provided these benefits to the Israelis after October 7 in connection with the war, recognizing the impossibility of deporting people to a warring country.

Israeli citizens enjoy the right of visa-free entry into Germany and can live in the country for 90 days without any registration, but after this period they must contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a request to extend their visa.

Germany, unlike other Western countries, is taking the strictest measures to ensure not only the safety, but also the psychological comfort of Israeli citizens. In early November, the German Interior Minister, Social Democrat Nancy Feser, banned all activities in Germany not only of Hamas, but also of the international pro-Palestinian Samidun network, close to the radical left-wing Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which was organizing pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

Israelis living in Germany told Israel Hayom that in Germany they feel completely safe and do not experience “unpleasant feelings. “There are no anti-Israel demonstrations, there are no bad feelings, there is a feeling that Israel is supported, we feel comfortable.”

Germany extends refugee benefits for Israelis