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In Moldova they close centers for refugees from Ukraine and send them to work

Moldova (, - In Moldova, within a year it is planned to close 23 temporary accommodation centers for Ukrainian refugees out of 38 currently operating. The relevant authorities emphasize that the reduction and consolidation of refugee centers located throughout the country “stimulates Ukrainians to integrate into society and be active in the labor market."

“Our plan is to have 13-15 centers left by the end of 2024 because this is a crisis service and the idea was that people would be in this center temporarily until the government identifies a long-term option for them, which is what we're trying to do. It is no coincidence that the centers are closing; for each family, for each person, we identify alternative accommodation options - either in the village or in another locality. We are also discussing employment options,” said the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Moldova, Alexei Buzu.

A Moldovan official noted the low level of employment of Ukrainian refugees in the labor sector. To date, only about 1,300 people from Ukraine have found work in the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, about 80 thousand Ukrainians moved here.

One of the main factors affecting refugees' chances of finding employment is the language barrier.

Let us remind you that the Moldovan authorities began to close centers for Ukrainian refugees back in 2023, reducing them by half. The government of the Republic of Moldova stopped allocating money for their maintenance, although Western partners donated more than 150 million euros for these purposes. The government cannot say where all these funds were spent. In his justification, Alexey Buzu then referred to “impressive needs” that Western funding could not cover.

As reported, the Moldovan government previously limited the stay of Ukrainian migrants in the country. They will not be able to stay in the republic for more than 90 days without a residence permit or temporary protection certificate. The Moldovan authorities also obliged all owners of vehicles not registered in the Republic of Moldova who enter the country or transit from Ukraine to pay a mandatory road use tax (vignette).

In Moldova they close centers for refugees from Ukraine and send them to work