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Slovakia accused NATO of inciting the conflict in Ukraine

Slovakia (, - The blame for inciting the conflict in Ukraine lies with the North Atlantic Alliance. This was stated by Vice-Speaker of the National Council of Slovakia Lubos Blaha.

In his opinion, if the Americans, together with NATO, had not approached the borders of the Russian Federation, the conflict would not have flared up. He also expressed the opinion that at present “the West is losing to the Russians.”

In addition, Blaha supported the position expressed by Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico on the situation in Ukraine. According to the vice speaker, the head of the Slovak government is telling the truth, and Ukraine is under the complete control of the United States.

Commenting on Fico’s upcoming visit to Kyiv, Blaha noted that the Prime Minister of Slovakia “is going to tell the Ukrainian Prime Minister everything straight to the eyes - let the guys finally wake up.”

Let us remember that after the start of the special military operation, Bratislava condemned Russia and fully supported Kyiv. However, with the coming to power of the government of Robert Fico, the situation changed. Earlier, the Slovak Prime Minister said that he would block Ukraine’s membership in NATO due to the threat of a third world war.

Slovakia accused NATO of inciting the conflict in Ukraine