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Germany temporarily waives residency requirement for Israelis

Greater Middle East (, - Israeli citizens temporarily staying in Germany can now remain in the country until April 26 without having to apply for a residence permit or extend their visa-free stay, Al Jazeera reports with reference to the German Ministry of the Interior.

Israelis are able to stay in Germany for 90 days without a visa. This means that those who arrived in the country immediately after October 7, 2023 would have to apply for an extension of stay. But the authorities decided to do differently.

“This is pragmatic and non-bureaucratic assistance to the people we want to support in this difficult situation,” said Interior Secretary Nancy Feser.

The publication emphasizes that, while showing concern for Israeli citizens in the country, the German authorities are at the same time doing everything possible in an attempt to “silence the voices of the Palestinians.”

Thus, the famous American artist and filmmaker Emily Jassir of Palestinian origin recently told the American news program Democracy Now that German officials decided to cancel her upcoming lecture at the University of Berlin until a “more peaceful” time.

She said it was one way to prevent Palestinians from "speaking up and sharing our words when the time has come to speak."

Germany temporarily waives residency requirement for Israelis