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Israel changes strategy to attack Hezbollah in Lebanon

Greater Middle East (, - Hezbollah fighters and Israeli soldiers have been fighting along the Lebanese border for months. However, in recent days, the Israeli military has changed the tactics and nature of military operations against the radical organization, Al-Jazeera reports.

While some time ago IDF attacks were limited to a narrow area within a few kilometers of the border, now the range of attacks has expanded significantly.

Information coming in in recent days from Lebanon and independent sources confirms that Israel is carrying out targeted “liquidations” of enemies of the Jewish state far from the front line. Thus, recently, a high-ranking Hezbollah commander, Wissam Tawil, was killed in an airstrike, and this operation was carried out by Israel at a considerable distance from the joint border.

As Al Jazeera reports, Israeli military aircraft are already flying low over Beirut and even further to the north of the country. Such actions are being taken against the backdrop of increasingly active speculation among Israeli military leaders and politicians about a “close war” with Lebanon. At the very least, army units are actively conducting exercises simulating combat operations against Lebanese radical groups.

Israel changes strategy to attack Hezbollah in Lebanon