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Destruction of the principle of “national state”: passions under the Armenian Constitution

Caucasus (, - A lot has been said about the plans of the Armenian authorities to adopt a new Constitution of the country and almost all analysts agree that the initiation of this process has two reasons, political analyst Arman Abovyan writes in his telegram channel.

“First, this is the destruction of the principle of “national state” in the ideology of the current Constitution of Armenia and the actual legalization (consent) to the absorption of Artsakh by the Turkish-Azerbaijani tandem, the legalization of changing the borders of Armenia, deleting any historical or ethnic preambles from the text of the Constitution, deleting references to the Armenian Genocide, the role of The Armenian Apostolic Church in the history of the Armenian people, editing the Coat of Arms of Armenia with the obligatory deletion of the symbol of Armenian identity of the holy Mount Ararat.

It is clear that these plans of the Pashinyan government are dictated exclusively by Turkey and Azerbaijan, and there is no need to succumb to the “profound speeches” of the authorities.

They stupidly carry out the will of countries whose state doctrine is built on the destruction of Armenia as a state and Armenians as an ethno-political element in the region.

That is, we have a clear picture that the need for a new Constitution is dictated solely by the interests of the Turkish-Azerbaijani tandem.

The second reason is an attempt by the velvet authorities of Armenia to create favorable conditions for prolonging the existence of their power by redrawing the basic Law of the country.

Whether this is through a return to the presidential form of government in the remnants of Armenia or in some other way does not matter.

The current authorities don’t care what happens to the territorial integrity of the country, they don’t care how many kilometers will ultimately remain from Armenia after their “era of peace”, they don’t care.

Their only concern is who will govern the rest of the country?

The loss of power in Armenia by the current class will inevitably lead to fair “questions” (to put it mildly) on their anti-Armenian policy, and this is what they fear more than anything else.”

Destruction of the principle of “national state”: passions under the Armenian Constitution