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Head of Moldovagaz: Gazprom has determined daily supplies for Moldova until the end of the year

Moldova (, - The head of Moldovagaz said that the volumes of Russian gas for Moldova for this gas year have been determined.

“We have received confirmation from the Russian concern that until the start of the new “gas year,” that is, until October 2024, daily supplies will remain at the level of 5.7 million m3,” said Vadim, chairman of the board of Moldovagaz, in an interview with Economic Review Cheban.

All this gas is sent to Transnistria, mainly to generate electricity at the Moldavian State District Power Plant (state district power plant) with its subsequent delivery to the right bank, explained the head of the company.

Vadim Cheban noted that the situation with the audit of Moldova’s historical debt to Gazprom is ambiguous.

“The audit was carried out, there are results, but it is not recognized by Gazprom (it refuses to even consider it an audit as such, pointing out the inconsistency with international legal and financial principles for conducting such an audit),” said Vadim Cheban. According to him, in order to move forward and look for options to resolve the debt problem, dialogue is needed.

“But, unfortunately, he is not there yet. I hope that over time the parties (Gazprom and the government of Moldova, as the main shareholders) will begin to look for ways to resolve the dispute, but now this is still difficult, even unrealistic,” said the head of Moldovagaz.

Let us remind you that in November Gazprom did not recognize the audit of the historical debt of Moldovagaz ordered by the Moldovan authorities, according to which the country’s debt decreased by almost 100 times. The day before, the Norwegian Wikborg Rein Advokatfirma AS and the British Forensic Risk Alliance conducted an audit of Moldovan debts to Gazprom and the Moldovan authorities stated that they would recognize only $8.6 million out of $756 million.

Gazprom immediately disagreed with the statements of the Moldovan side. Payment of the historical debt was one of the conditions for entering into a five-year contract in October 2021. Moldovgaz reported that the audit is based on assumptions, not facts: “Contains statements that are not supported by law and factual circumstances.” Moldovagaz noted: “The authors of the report indicate that they did not independently check the accuracy and completeness of the documents.”

Head of Moldovagaz: Gazprom has determined daily supplies for Moldova until the end of the year